The Songs of Hank Williams

Compiled by Doug Jayne for KRCB Public Radio, this double CD features the songs of Hank Williams as interpreted by our local artists.

Disc 1

  1. Highway Poets: Calling You
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Sebastian Saint James: vocals & guitars; Travis James: drums, mandolin & background vocals; Taylor James: bass Shawna Jerve: background vocals / Recorded at Infirmary Studios, Petaluma CA / Mix: Stephen Hart
  2. Dirty Cello: Move It On Over
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Rebecca Roudman: cello & voice; Jason Eckl: guitar; Sandy Lindop: piano & background vocals; Ben Dubin: bass; Ben Peterson: drums
  3. The Pulsators: I Saw the Light
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Johnny Campbell: drums & lead vocal; Doug McKenzie: guitar; Mick Whittington: bass; John Farey: piano & background vocals; Rick Clifford: saxophone; Glenn Sullivan: trumpet & background vocals; Joe Campbell: percussion / Bluestone Recording, Petaluma CA / Engineering & mix: Steve Peterson & John Farey
  4. Paul Riley & Jonathan Burnside: Mansion on the Hill
    Hank Williams Sr./Fred Rose / © Sony/ATV Milene Music
    Jonathan Burnside: guitars, percussion & background vocals; Paul Riley: vocals; Thomas James: background vocals; Michael Kane: violin / Produced & recorded by Jonathan Burnside
  5. Joanne Rand: House of Gold
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Publishing
    Joanne Rand: vocals & acoustic guitars; Piet Dalmolen: bass & guitar Recorded at Universal Balance Studios, Arcata CA July 2019 / Recording & mix: Piet Dalmolen
  6. The Easy Leaves: Lovesick Blues
    Cliff Friend/Irving Mills / © EMI Mills Music Inc.
    Kevin Carducci: acoustic guitar; John Courage: electric guitar; Henry Nagle: lap steel guitar; Gio Benedetti: acoustic bass; Dan Ford: drums
  7. Royal Jelly Jive: Lost Highway
    Leon Payne / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Lauren Bjelde: vocals; Jesse Adams: drums, accordion, guitar & bass / Recorded at the Funk Farm, Sonoma CA 
  8. Doug Jayne: My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
    Jewell House/Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Music Publishing Doug Jayne: guitar & vocals; Allen Sudduth: electric guitar & percussion; Bobby Lee: pedal steel guitar Allegra Broughton: harmony vocals; Sam Page: bass / Recorded at Jackalope Records, Santa Rosa / Summer 2019
  9. Timothy O’Neil: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Timothy O’Neil: vocals & guitar; Sean Parnell: harmonica; Taylor James: bass, engineering, recording & mixing Recorded at Rusty Dog Studios, Sebastopol CA
  10. Heartwood Crossing: Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Use To Do
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Emily Lois: vocal & acoustic guitar; Dave Monterey: vocal & electric guitar; Tim Sheehan: vocal & electric guitar Jon Berger: violin; Daniel McGee: bass; Dan Ransford drums / Recorded at A Room with a View Studios, Petaluma CA July 2019 / Engineering: Jamie Bridges
  11. Nell & Jim Band: Long Gone Lonesome Blues
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Nell Robinson: vocals; Jim Nunally: guitar; Jim Kerwin: bass fiddle; Pete Grant: slide guitar; Jon Arkin: percussion Recorded Live at the Big Room, Chico CA Mixed & Mastered by Dale Price
  12. Nate Lopez: Cold Cold Heart
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Nate Lopez: 8-string hybrid guitar / Recorded at King Studios, Santa Rosa CA August 2019
  13. Mr. Music & Friends: Men with Broken Hearts
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Jim Corbett: guitar & vocals; Candy Girard: fiddle; Dave Zirbel: steel guitar; Blair Hardman: bass / Recorded at Zone Recording, Cotati CA July 2019 / Engineer: Blair Hardman
  14. Doug McKenzie: Hey Good Lookin’
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music Douglas Ian McKenzie guitar & bass; Ross Shafer: pedal steel guitar; John Farey piano; Johnny Campbell: drums / Recorded at Bluestone Studio, Santa Rosa CA / Recorded by John Farey

Disc 2

  1. Steve Pile: Weary Blues from Waitin’
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music & Rightsong Music Inc. o/b/o Hiriam Music
    Steve Pile: vocals, guitars & drums; JP MacLean: acoustic bass / Recorded at Golden Wunder Studios, Santa Rosa CA / Produced by Steve Pile
  2. Bobby Lee: (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
    Hank Williams Sr./Jimmie Davis / © Peer International Corp & Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Bobby Lee: vocals & guitar / from his 2014 “Stella” CD, recorded in Cloverdale, CA
  3. Jimbo Scott: Crazy Heart
    Maurice Murray/Fred Rose / © Sony/ATV Publishing
    Jimbo Scott: vocals, guitar & harmonica
  4. Kevin Russell & Maria Nguyen with Some Dangerous Friends: Half as Much
    Curly Williams / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Kevin Russell: vocals & acoustic guitar; Maria Nguyen: vocals; Sean Allen: electric guitar, Bobby Black: pedal steel guitar; Blaine Spouse: fiddle; Markie Sanders: bass; Rick Cutler: drums
  5. Dave Hamilton: Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Dave Hamilton: vocals & guitars; Candy Girard: vocals & violin; Steve Della Maggiora: vocals & accordion; Michael Lindner: bass & mandola; The Rains (Marty & Carol Rainone): vocals Recorded, mixed & mastered by Michael Lindner
  6. Ring of Truth Trio: Settin’ The Woods on Fire
    Fred Rose/Ed G. Nelson / © Sony ATV Milene Music
    Rory McNamara: vocals; Henry Nagle: guitar, lap steel & mandolin; Kevin Carducci: bass
  7. Jeff Falconer: You Win Again
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Jeff Falconer: vocals & guitar / Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Sebastopol CA
  8. Stadler Gibbons Band: I Won’t Be Home No More
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music & Rightsong Music, Inc. o/b/o Hiriam Music
    Michael Stadler: vocals & lead guitar; Mary Gibbons: vocals & rhythm guitar; Jon Mitguard: pedal steel guitar; Paul Knight: acoustic bass 
  9. Buzzy Martin: Your Cheatin’ Heart
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Buzzy Martin: vocals & guitar / Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Sebastopol CA 2019
  10. Sarah Baker: Take These Chains from My Heart
    Fred Rose/Hy Heath / © Sony ATV Milene Music
    Sarah Baker: vocals & piano; Al Garth: fiddles; Allen Sudduth: guitar; Mona Gnader: bass; Rick Cutler: drums Recorded at SB Studios, Santa Rosa, CA / Production: Sarah Baker & Allen Sudduth
  11. The Ruminators: Alone & Forsaken
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Greg Scherer: vocals, guitar & banjo; Jennifer Goudeau: vocals & accordion / Recorded at Vic’s Bongo Hut, Santa Rosa CA July 25, 2019 / Engineering & mix: Vic Carberry
  12. 3 Acre Holler: My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Layne Bowen: vocals & guitar; Cori Wood: vocals / Recorded at The Banquet Studios, Sebastopol CA April-May 2018 / Engineering, mix & mastering: Darryl Webb
  13. Solid Air: My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It
    Clarence Williams / © Universal Music Corp.
    Allegra Broughton: vocals & acoustic guitar; Sam Page: acoustic bass & baritone twang guitar; Steve Barbieri: lap steel guitar; Vic Carberry: drums / Recorded at Vic’s Bongo Hut, Santa Rosa CA July 2019
  14. Doug Blumer & Nancy Irish: I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Doug Blumer: vocals & guitar; Nancy Irish: vocals & guitar; Doug Blumer: acoustic bass; Harry Gale: drums Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Santa Rosa CA June 27, 2019 / Mix: Harry Gale
  15. David Luning Band: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
    Fred Rose/Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Milene Music & Intersong USA, Inc. o/b/o Aberbach Enterprises Ltd.
    David Luning: vocals, guitar & lead guitar; Dave Sampson: baritone guitar, lap steel & slide guitar; Ben Dubin: harmonica & bass; Linden Reed: drums / Recorded at StudioSecti West, Petaluma CA / Engineereering: Dave Sampson & David Luning; Asst. Engineer: Scott Laws / Mix: David Luning & Dave Sampson


North Bay Songwriters

Click song title for more info.

1. Small Hat – Different Kind Of Love (3:15)
Written by Mandy Brooks and Cosmos Harrison
2. Dean Martian – She’s No Square (4:17)
3. Katie Phillips – Killer (3:37)
Katie Phillips & Mark Tarlton
4. Hanna Haas – Sweet Morning  (3:54)
5. John Courage Trio – The Valley (4:07)
6. Stefanie Keys – City Life (4:05)
Stefanie Keys is an Americana Rock artist from Petaluma Ca.

‘City Life’ was written by Dave Shul and Stefanie Keys in San Francisco in 2016. The track was released on Stefanie Keys’ third release ‘Open Road’, produced by Dave Shul in late 2016.

This song is about relationship, and our culture changing, the awareness that unity is critical to the changes afoot. It is also very much about finding your voice and letting your own self be enough, just as you are.

The styling of Dave Shul’s production and musicality on this track is an urban sound, with a sultry vocal. An exploration of the softer nuances in Keys’ voice with a powerful message. Open Road is available on iTunes, and more info on the artist @

7. Eki Shola – Midweek Blues (3:57)
Written, produced and performed by Eki Shola
©2016 Eki Shola®
Eki Shola: Keyboards and vocals
8. Burnside – Conspicuous Consumption (3:54)
Song credits: Jason Berkman, Jeanna Collet, Andros Howes, Nash Weber & Evan Wiig
9. Ismay – Innisfree (3:21)
10. The Real Sarahs – Half Love  (3:24)
written by Sarah Rose McMahon
Sarah Rose McMahon – vocals and ukulele
Sarah Larkin – vocals
Sarah Ryan – vocals
11. Jon Gonzales – Let’s Not Get Married (4:01)
Jon Gonzales- vocals, ukulele, kazoo
Michael Lindner-bass
Carissa Green – vocals, banjolele
Recorded at Alley One Studio, Healdsburg CA
BMI 2018
12. Callie Watts – Healing Heart (5:28)
Written by Callie Watts
Production and Instrumentation by Kris Dilbeck
Photo by Jason Baldwin
“I’d like to wish love and light to all who have been impacted by the October 2017 fires, and to all who have experienced loss and grief. Prayers for peace.”Calllie Watts, Photo by Jason Baldwin
13. Clementine Darling – Fire Map  (3:24)
music/lyrics by C. Ibarra
Recorded by Scott Mickelson, Marin, CA
Mixed/Mastered by Matt Wright, Santa Rosa, CA
“Fire Map’s chorus began as a poem written only weeks before Tubbs Fire 2017. Clementine Darling was among the many who lost their homes in the fire that night. She wrote her experience in this song, dedicated to anyone affected by the wildfires.”
14. Timothy O’Neil – Captain No Crew (2:47)
Written and performed by Timothy O’Neil
15. Larkin Gayl – Back To The Beginning  (3:32)
16. The Musers – Ready For The Rain  (4:06)
written by Megan McLaughlin, who now understands why the weather report says “Rains will be heavier in the North Bay”…
17. Emily Lois – Shoes Like Mine` (3:51)
Written and sung by Emily Lois
produced by Gawain Mathews Studio

18. The Tahoes – Hella Norcal (4:05)
music and lyrics by The Tahoes
Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati
19. Brittany Aquamarine – Exposure (4:39)
performed and written by Brittany Aquamarine
​recorded live at Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol
Thanks very much to Greg Ceniceroz for recording the audio for this song.

CONNECTIONS 4: musicians in benefit of KRCB

  1.  The Dixie Giants: Mr. & Mrs. J (3:48)
  2.  Doug Jayne: A Place Called Home (4:20)
  3.  T Sisters: Thief (2:54)
  4.  The Highway Poets: Getting There (4:24)
  5.  Solid Air: Blue Devil Street (4:12)
  6.  Harry Gale: Skyline (4:22)
  7.  Royal Jelly Jive: Dear Mr. Waits (3:38)
  8.  The Easy Leaves: Eleven Hours (3:07)
  9.  Jen Tucker: Old Black Mountain (3:52)
  10.  The Rhythm Rangers: You Ain’t Down Home (4:40)
  11.  Oddjob Ensemble: Opening Pitch (2:39)
  12.  Rainbow Girls: Personal Legend/It’s A Slow Ride (for now) (4:28)
  13.  Kingsborough: Low Down (4:04)
  14.  Lungs and Limbs: Other One (3:40)
  15.  Poor Man’s Whiskey: Goodbye California (4:27)
  16.  Misner and Smith: The Upside (4:02)
  17.  Steve Pile Jali Bakary Konteh: Sutukun (4:03)
  18.  Jon Gonzales: The Willie Way (4:33)
  19.  David Luning: Always Gonna Be That Way (4:13)
Produced by Doug Jayne
Mastered by Darryl Webb
Design and Layout by Greg Scherer
Cover painting by John Collins
©Jackalope Records 2017

Harry Gale: Time & Space

As a recording engineer and studio owner, Harry Gale has had a hand in hundreds of Sonoma County music projects. He’s so prolific and unassuming at what he does, that many of us forget that Harry is a world class rocker who has fronted the bands Broken Ties, Lovetribe and many more.
Time & Space was recorded at Harry’s Route 44 Studio, and highlights his songwriting and playing as well as securing his contribution to Rock & Roll as a solo artist .
Joining Harry on this album are a few serious players. From their previous band Lovetribe, Dave Ray Burke can be heard delivering noteworthy vocals and guitar. New to the lineup is drummer Justin Shannon whose hard rockin’ tracks can be heard on most of the album’s offerings. Also joining are longtime friend and collaborator on drums; Mike Starkey (Broken Ties), on Bass; Blaise Sison (Family Stone) also on drums; Gary Silva (Chuck Berry, Elvin Bishop, Norton Buffalo), on percussion; Dan Ransford, on backing vocals: Shannon Rider, Shawna Miller, Bill Gannon and even Harry’s six year old son Nicholas.

Solid Air: Beautiful World

“Beautiful World” is Solid Air’s ninth full-length studio album and their second for the Jackalope label. Solid Air is a folk-rock/ Americana group based north of San Francisco, led by co-founders Allegra Broughton (vocals, guitar), and Sam Page (vocals, bass, baritone slide guitar), with longtime members Steve Barbieri (vocals, lead guitars, lap steel) and Vic Carberry (drums, bongos, percussion) and special guests Al Garth (violin), Russ Gauthier (guitar), and Doug Adamz (harmonica). “Beautiful World” covers a wide variety in the roots music bag: Beatlesque rockabilly, gorgeous ballads, full-on folk-rock, swampy blues, beatnik café, vintage pop, old-time country and gospel. High energy vocals, stellar musicianship, top-notch original songs and eclectic covers from jug band to cajun to classic rock ‘n’ roll. Good Rockin’ Tony says “Check it Out!”.

Greenhouse – Across That Lonesome Ocean

Greenhouse explores contemporary treatment of traditional and singer/songwriter material, rooted in Irish and Scottish folk music. Celtic Fusion at its best!
Greenhouse has been entertaining California audiences with their blend of lively jigs and reels, tender ballads, and rousing pub songs for over 25 years. Drawing from the immense wealth of traditional Irish, Scots, and English music, Greenhouse combines those influences with contemporary and original material to create an exciting style that is respectful of the tradition while maintaining a decidedly non-purist approach. Their original arrangements bring a creative, modern edge to time-honored material. This is not ‘folk rock’ but a world-beat fusion they call Celtic with a Kick. Greenhouse has released four CDs on Jackalope Records.

Holiday Connections

Holiday music is unique in that it’s the only genre of music that gets shelved for 11 months of the year. Maybe there’s someone who listens to “White Christmas” in July, but I haven’t met them. I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a Christmas album before, but never pulled the trigger.

Back in October, I looked at the calendar and saw that KRCB FM was set to have a mini-fundraiser in December. I help in the choosing of CD “thank you gifts” for our pledge drives, and I thought that a Holiday CD might be a cool thing. October is usually when Christmas albums get released, not planned, so if I was going to pull this off, I would have to move fast. I grabbed my rolodex and jotted down names of friends that are musicians. Because I had to work quickly, I composed a brief, two-sentence email: “Do you have a Christmas song to contribute to KRCB? I need it by Thanksgiving and I can’t pay you.”

Wouldn’t you know it: songs started coming at me! They were emailed, snail-mailed, dropped off and uploaded. Some were already recorded, some were newly recorded, some in real studios, some at home studios, one was recorded on a phone! In exactly 4 weeks from my email outreach, I had 19 songs. Traditional songs that honor the holidays, fun songs that poke fun at the holidays, instrumentals, and a song donated by my pal Mez Mezera by his sweet wife, the late Audrey Auld. The bulk of the artists are from Sonoma County, but some are not. What they all have in common is an appreciation for what we try to do here in public radio. The idea for the cover art (a radio transmitter with Christmas balls) came from our Program Director Sean Knight. The graphics were done by Greg Scherer who has worked on many Jackalope releases over the years.

Holiday Connections 2016 the CD, will be available beginning on Saturday December 10 at 2pm. Steve Delap and I will be hosting Our Roots Are Showing and beginning our (wait for it!) Holiday Connections Radio Fundraiser! December 10 thru December 17. You are invited to come to our studio in Rohnert Park, call us at (707) 584-2020, or go online at KRCB.ORG to donate. Holiday Connections 2016 the CD will be available for only $20. (Every dollar goes straight to KRCB.)

Here are the songs:

1) Dirty Cello : Merry Christmas Baby
2) Maurice Tani & Pam Brandon : Baby It’s Cold Outside
3) Wendy Dewitt & Kirk Harwood : Train Full of Joy
4) Audrey Auld : Santa Spend Xmas With Me
5) Doug Adamz : Christmas Candy
6) Jennifer Goudeau and Jan Martinelli : The Christmas Song
7) Nate Lopez : Carol of the Bells
8) Nell Robinson : Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
9) The Sorentinos : Beatnik Christmas
10) Dave Monterey : Christmas Child
11) Terry Keady : Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
12) Kathy Kallick Band : Snowflakes
13) Geoff Muldaur : At The Christmas Ball
14) Solid Air : Tiny Reindeer
15) Jaydub & Dino : On Christmas Morning
16) Mr. Music : Santa Claus Rocks
17) David Thom : The First Noel
18) Sara Warne : When Santa Claus Met Jesus
19) Doug Jayne : What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Jen Tucker: Occidental Journey

Occidental Journey is a collection of heart-felt folk songs inspired by the small town of Occidental located at the edge of the west coast and Sonoma county in the forests of the redwood trees. It was in that small town where Jen met a local personality known as Ranger Rick, the unofficial mayor. As the “mayor” Ranger Rick guided Jen through the community, introduced her to local musicians, promoted her Friday shows around town and was given the task of finding Jen a band. It was at the local farmer’s market one Friday Ranger Rick found Kyle & Kevin performing and knew they would be the perfect fit. In 2011 the Jen Tucker Band was formed. By 2012 Ranger Rick was at the end of his own personal journey and encouraged Jen to write a song inspired by this small intimate off-beat town. This song became the tale of a journey, a town and it’s people, the Occidental Journey.
Occidental Journey was recorded at Jackalope Records in Santa Rosa, California, produced by Jen Tucker and Paul Lamb. Featured on the album performing is the Jen Tucker Band with Kyle Martin on lead guitar, Paul Lamb on bass & Kevin Cole on drums. This album was funded by the generous tips from the residents of Sonoma county that Jen received for performing over the past three years. Jen Tucker would like to thank everyone for their support and friendship.