Harry Gale: Time & Space

As a recording engineer and studio owner, Harry Gale has had a hand in hundreds of Sonoma County music projects. He’s so prolific and unassuming at what he does, that many of us forget that Harry is a world class rocker who has fronted the bands Broken Ties, Lovetribe and many more.
Time & Space was recorded at Harry’s Route 44 Studio, and highlights his songwriting and playing as well as securing his contribution to Rock & Roll as a solo artist .
Joining Harry on this album are a few serious players. From their previous band Lovetribe, Dave Ray Burke can be heard delivering noteworthy vocals and guitar. New to the lineup is drummer Justin Shannon whose hard rockin’ tracks can be heard on most of the album’s offerings. Also joining are longtime friend and collaborator on drums; Mike Starkey (Broken Ties), on Bass; Blaise Sison (Family Stone) also on drums; Gary Silva (Chuck Berry, Elvin Bishop, Norton Buffalo), on percussion; Dan Ransford, on backing vocals: Shannon Rider, Shawna Miller, Bill Gannon and even Harry’s six year old son Nicholas.