Jen Tucker: Occidental Journey

Occidental Journey is a collection of heart-felt folk songs inspired by the small town of Occidental located at the edge of the west coast and Sonoma county in the forests of the redwood trees. It was in that small town where Jen met a local personality known as Ranger Rick, the unofficial mayor. As the “mayor” Ranger Rick guided Jen through the community, introduced her to local musicians, promoted her Friday shows around town and was given the task of finding Jen a band. It was at the local farmer’s market one Friday Ranger Rick found Kyle & Kevin performing and knew they would be the perfect fit. In 2011 the Jen Tucker Band was formed. By 2012 Ranger Rick was at the end of his own personal journey and encouraged Jen to write a song inspired by this small intimate off-beat town. This song became the tale of a journey, a town and it’s people, the Occidental Journey.
Occidental Journey was recorded at Jackalope Records in Santa Rosa, California, produced by Jen Tucker and Paul Lamb. Featured on the album performing is the Jen Tucker Band with Kyle Martin on lead guitar, Paul Lamb on bass & Kevin Cole on drums. This album was funded by the generous tips from the residents of Sonoma county that Jen received for performing over the past three years. Jen Tucker would like to thank everyone for their support and friendship.