Tiny Reindeer

We have been doing this version of Don Ho¹s classic for many years,
inspired by playing a gig with the Jerry Hertz Band at Doubletree Lanes in
Rohnert Park one Holiday season. The band set up in the middle of the
lanes, with people bowling all around us, very Dude-like.  Up walks a guy
and waves a $20 bill at us asking for ³Tiny Bubbles².  Blank looks all
around.  I faked my way through it and that, I guess, planted the rogue
seed that became ³Tiny Reindeer².  This version was originally recorded
for Mr. Music¹s Christmas album as part of a bonus single.  Hope it makes
you smile!
Allegra Broughton - vocals, guitar, lyrics
Sam Page - acoustic bass
Don Connolly - drums
Bobby Lee - pedal steel guitar
And the Ukes of Love:
Gary Sugiyama (lead uke), Jeri & Eric Miller, Sue Powell, Wayne Gaynard,
Jim Corbett

Great as a singalong in the car on a snowy December night: