North Bay Songwriters

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1. Small Hat – Different Kind Of Love (3:15)
Written by Mandy Brooks and Cosmos Harrison
2. Dean Martian – She’s No Square (4:17)
3. Katie Phillips – Killer (3:37)
Katie Phillips & Mark Tarlton
4. Hanna Haas – Sweet Morning  (3:54)
5. John Courage Trio – The Valley (4:07)
6. Stefanie Keys – City Life (4:05)
Stefanie Keys is an Americana Rock artist from Petaluma Ca.

‘City Life’ was written by Dave Shul and Stefanie Keys in San Francisco in 2016. The track was released on Stefanie Keys’ third release ‘Open Road’, produced by Dave Shul in late 2016.

This song is about relationship, and our culture changing, the awareness that unity is critical to the changes afoot. It is also very much about finding your voice and letting your own self be enough, just as you are.

The styling of Dave Shul’s production and musicality on this track is an urban sound, with a sultry vocal. An exploration of the softer nuances in Keys’ voice with a powerful message. Open Road is available on iTunes, and more info on the artist @

7. Eki Shola – Midweek Blues (3:57)
Written, produced and performed by Eki Shola
©2016 Eki Shola®
Eki Shola: Keyboards and vocals
8. Burnside – Conspicuous Consumption (3:54)
Song credits: Jason Berkman, Jeanna Collet, Andros Howes, Nash Weber & Evan Wiig
9. Ismay – Innisfree (3:21)
10. The Real Sarahs – Half Love  (3:24)
written by Sarah Rose McMahon
Sarah Rose McMahon – vocals and ukulele
Sarah Larkin – vocals
Sarah Ryan – vocals
11. Jon Gonzales – Let’s Not Get Married (4:01)
Jon Gonzales- vocals, ukulele, kazoo
Michael Lindner-bass
Carissa Green – vocals, banjolele
Recorded at Alley One Studio, Healdsburg CA
BMI 2018
12. Callie Watts – Healing Heart (5:28)
Written by Callie Watts
Production and Instrumentation by Kris Dilbeck
Photo by Jason Baldwin
“I’d like to wish love and light to all who have been impacted by the October 2017 fires, and to all who have experienced loss and grief. Prayers for peace.”Calllie Watts, Photo by Jason Baldwin
13. Clementine Darling – Fire Map  (3:24)
music/lyrics by C. Ibarra
Recorded by Scott Mickelson, Marin, CA
Mixed/Mastered by Matt Wright, Santa Rosa, CA
“Fire Map’s chorus began as a poem written only weeks before Tubbs Fire 2017. Clementine Darling was among the many who lost their homes in the fire that night. She wrote her experience in this song, dedicated to anyone affected by the wildfires.”
14. Timothy O’Neil – Captain No Crew (2:47)
Written and performed by Timothy O’Neil
15. Larkin Gayl – Back To The Beginning  (3:32)
16. The Musers – Ready For The Rain  (4:06)
written by Megan McLaughlin, who now understands why the weather report says “Rains will be heavier in the North Bay”…
17. Emily Lois – Shoes Like Mine` (3:51)
Written and sung by Emily Lois
produced by Gawain Mathews Studio

18. The Tahoes – Hella Norcal (4:05)
music and lyrics by The Tahoes
Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati
19. Brittany Aquamarine – Exposure (4:39)
performed and written by Brittany Aquamarine
​recorded live at Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol
Thanks very much to Greg Ceniceroz for recording the audio for this song.