The Songs of Hank Williams

Compiled by Doug Jayne for KRCB Public Radio, this double CD features the songs of Hank Williams as interpreted by our local artists.

Disc 1

  1. Highway Poets: Calling You
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Sebastian Saint James: vocals & guitars; Travis James: drums, mandolin & background vocals; Taylor James: bass Shawna Jerve: background vocals / Recorded at Infirmary Studios, Petaluma CA / Mix: Stephen Hart
  2. Dirty Cello: Move It On Over
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Rebecca Roudman: cello & voice; Jason Eckl: guitar; Sandy Lindop: piano & background vocals; Ben Dubin: bass; Ben Peterson: drums
  3. The Pulsators: I Saw the Light
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Johnny Campbell: drums & lead vocal; Doug McKenzie: guitar; Mick Whittington: bass; John Farey: piano & background vocals; Rick Clifford: saxophone; Glenn Sullivan: trumpet & background vocals; Joe Campbell: percussion / Bluestone Recording, Petaluma CA / Engineering & mix: Steve Peterson & John Farey
  4. Paul Riley & Jonathan Burnside: Mansion on the Hill
    Hank Williams Sr./Fred Rose / © Sony/ATV Milene Music
    Jonathan Burnside: guitars, percussion & background vocals; Paul Riley: vocals; Thomas James: background vocals; Michael Kane: violin / Produced & recorded by Jonathan Burnside
  5. Joanne Rand: House of Gold
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Publishing
    Joanne Rand: vocals & acoustic guitars; Piet Dalmolen: bass & guitar Recorded at Universal Balance Studios, Arcata CA July 2019 / Recording & mix: Piet Dalmolen
  6. The Easy Leaves: Lovesick Blues
    Cliff Friend/Irving Mills / © EMI Mills Music Inc.
    Kevin Carducci: acoustic guitar; John Courage: electric guitar; Henry Nagle: lap steel guitar; Gio Benedetti: acoustic bass; Dan Ford: drums
  7. Royal Jelly Jive: Lost Highway
    Leon Payne / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Lauren Bjelde: vocals; Jesse Adams: drums, accordion, guitar & bass / Recorded at the Funk Farm, Sonoma CA 
  8. Doug Jayne: My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
    Jewell House/Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Music Publishing Doug Jayne: guitar & vocals; Allen Sudduth: electric guitar & percussion; Bobby Lee: pedal steel guitar Allegra Broughton: harmony vocals; Sam Page: bass / Recorded at Jackalope Records, Santa Rosa / Summer 2019
  9. Timothy O’Neil: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Timothy O’Neil: vocals & guitar; Sean Parnell: harmonica; Taylor James: bass, engineering, recording & mixing Recorded at Rusty Dog Studios, Sebastopol CA
  10. Heartwood Crossing: Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Use To Do
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Emily Lois: vocal & acoustic guitar; Dave Monterey: vocal & electric guitar; Tim Sheehan: vocal & electric guitar Jon Berger: violin; Daniel McGee: bass; Dan Ransford drums / Recorded at A Room with a View Studios, Petaluma CA July 2019 / Engineering: Jamie Bridges
  11. Nell & Jim Band: Long Gone Lonesome Blues
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Nell Robinson: vocals; Jim Nunally: guitar; Jim Kerwin: bass fiddle; Pete Grant: slide guitar; Jon Arkin: percussion Recorded Live at the Big Room, Chico CA Mixed & Mastered by Dale Price
  12. Nate Lopez: Cold Cold Heart
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Nate Lopez: 8-string hybrid guitar / Recorded at King Studios, Santa Rosa CA August 2019
  13. Mr. Music & Friends: Men with Broken Hearts
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Jim Corbett: guitar & vocals; Candy Girard: fiddle; Dave Zirbel: steel guitar; Blair Hardman: bass / Recorded at Zone Recording, Cotati CA July 2019 / Engineer: Blair Hardman
  14. Doug McKenzie: Hey Good Lookin’
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music Douglas Ian McKenzie guitar & bass; Ross Shafer: pedal steel guitar; John Farey piano; Johnny Campbell: drums / Recorded at Bluestone Studio, Santa Rosa CA / Recorded by John Farey

Disc 2

  1. Steve Pile: Weary Blues from Waitin’
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music & Rightsong Music Inc. o/b/o Hiriam Music
    Steve Pile: vocals, guitars & drums; JP MacLean: acoustic bass / Recorded at Golden Wunder Studios, Santa Rosa CA / Produced by Steve Pile
  2. Bobby Lee: (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
    Hank Williams Sr./Jimmie Davis / © Peer International Corp & Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Bobby Lee: vocals & guitar / from his 2014 “Stella” CD, recorded in Cloverdale, CA
  3. Jimbo Scott: Crazy Heart
    Maurice Murray/Fred Rose / © Sony/ATV Publishing
    Jimbo Scott: vocals, guitar & harmonica
  4. Kevin Russell & Maria Nguyen with Some Dangerous Friends: Half as Much
    Curly Williams / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Kevin Russell: vocals & acoustic guitar; Maria Nguyen: vocals; Sean Allen: electric guitar, Bobby Black: pedal steel guitar; Blaine Spouse: fiddle; Markie Sanders: bass; Rick Cutler: drums
  5. Dave Hamilton: Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Dave Hamilton: vocals & guitars; Candy Girard: vocals & violin; Steve Della Maggiora: vocals & accordion; Michael Lindner: bass & mandola; The Rains (Marty & Carol Rainone): vocals Recorded, mixed & mastered by Michael Lindner
  6. Ring of Truth Trio: Settin’ The Woods on Fire
    Fred Rose/Ed G. Nelson / © Sony ATV Milene Music
    Rory McNamara: vocals; Henry Nagle: guitar, lap steel & mandolin; Kevin Carducci: bass
  7. Jeff Falconer: You Win Again
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Jeff Falconer: vocals & guitar / Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Sebastopol CA
  8. Stadler Gibbons Band: I Won’t Be Home No More
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music & Rightsong Music, Inc. o/b/o Hiriam Music
    Michael Stadler: vocals & lead guitar; Mary Gibbons: vocals & rhythm guitar; Jon Mitguard: pedal steel guitar; Paul Knight: acoustic bass 
  9. Buzzy Martin: Your Cheatin’ Heart
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Buzzy Martin: vocals & guitar / Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Sebastopol CA 2019
  10. Sarah Baker: Take These Chains from My Heart
    Fred Rose/Hy Heath / © Sony ATV Milene Music
    Sarah Baker: vocals & piano; Al Garth: fiddles; Allen Sudduth: guitar; Mona Gnader: bass; Rick Cutler: drums Recorded at SB Studios, Santa Rosa, CA / Production: Sarah Baker & Allen Sudduth
  11. The Ruminators: Alone & Forsaken
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Greg Scherer: vocals, guitar & banjo; Jennifer Goudeau: vocals & accordion / Recorded at Vic’s Bongo Hut, Santa Rosa CA July 25, 2019 / Engineering & mix: Vic Carberry
  12. 3 Acre Holler: My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Layne Bowen: vocals & guitar; Cori Wood: vocals / Recorded at The Banquet Studios, Sebastopol CA April-May 2018 / Engineering, mix & mastering: Darryl Webb
  13. Solid Air: My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It
    Clarence Williams / © Universal Music Corp.
    Allegra Broughton: vocals & acoustic guitar; Sam Page: acoustic bass & baritone twang guitar; Steve Barbieri: lap steel guitar; Vic Carberry: drums / Recorded at Vic’s Bongo Hut, Santa Rosa CA July 2019
  14. Doug Blumer & Nancy Irish: I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)
    Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music
    Doug Blumer: vocals & guitar; Nancy Irish: vocals & guitar; Doug Blumer: acoustic bass; Harry Gale: drums Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Santa Rosa CA June 27, 2019 / Mix: Harry Gale
  15. David Luning Band: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
    Fred Rose/Hank Williams Sr. / © Sony/ATV Milene Music & Intersong USA, Inc. o/b/o Aberbach Enterprises Ltd.
    David Luning: vocals, guitar & lead guitar; Dave Sampson: baritone guitar, lap steel & slide guitar; Ben Dubin: harmonica & bass; Linden Reed: drums / Recorded at StudioSecti West, Petaluma CA / Engineereering: Dave Sampson & David Luning; Asst. Engineer: Scott Laws / Mix: David Luning & Dave Sampson